Fall Lawn Care In Atlanta

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Atlanta lawns are appreciated mostly in the summer months, when people spend plenty of time outside with family and friends or simply enjoy the gardening opportunities that the season brings. Whatever the reason, a nice green carpet of grass is a welcome sight. To guarantee a rich, beautiful lawn in the summer, fall lawn care in Atlanta is essential — without it, Atlanta lawns would eventually fail.

The most common grass types in Atlanta are Centipede, Fescue, and Bermuda, since these are best suited to Atlanta’s climate. Fall lawn care in Atlanta for these grasses centers on fertilizers, winterizers and pest deterrents. The use of these items in the right amounts, for your lawn type, in the fall will protect grass throughout the cold winter months.


It is essential to fertilize Centipede grass with awinterizer or a fall lawn application during the fall to provide it with plenty of nourishment for the winter months. Because Centipede grass can be invaded by crabgrass and Poaannua, it is also important to use a pre-emergent in the fall. A fall pre-emergent helps to prevent weed growth later in the spring. To know exactly what to use, it is a good idea to check with a gardening or landscaping professional.


This grass thrives in cool weather, and although it is not its most vibrant in the summer, Fescue grass can help support other types of grass. To stay happy and healthy, Fescue grass requires treatment with a fertilizer during fall lawn care in Atlanta. This will ensure it is well-fed during the winter months.

Bermuda Grass

This grass holds up well in drought, thrives in warm months and grows well in different soils. Because this grass does best in heat, the winter can zap it of nutrients. A slow-release fertilizer applied in the fall will keep it well-nourished during the cold months. A winterizer and a crabgrass deterrent are also recommended for Bermuda grass during fall lawn care in Atlanta.

A beautiful lawn is truly a luxury since it doesn’t come easy. If you are not one to spend time winterizing your lawn, call a professional who’ll use expert knowledge to take the best care of your lawn and keep it in excellent form throughout the cold winter months in Atlanta.

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