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December 26, 2014

Year after year we enjoy the beauty of traditional holiday plants and greenery, but have you ever stopped to learn all the interesting facts and symbolism behind them? Take a few minutes to discover the amazing history of some of…

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December 18, 2014

You may think you get a little winter break from mowing, trimming and pruning, but remember there is still work to be done during these winter months to maintain a healthy yard. Whether your warm-season grass goes brown and dormant…

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December 12, 2014

Want to make a statement with your yard décor this holiday season? Don’t just wing it. Go beyond the wreath on the door! Decide on a theme and color scheme. Use a combination of lights, greenery and other holiday items…

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December 5, 2014

Leaves are pretty to look at while they fall from the trees, but make sure they don’t sit too long on the lawn. Leaves will kill your grass by smothering it, not allowing for proper nutrients, water and fertilizer to…

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