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Add Beauty to Your Winter Landscape Now

When we think about autumn we think about leaves changing and falling and plants going into dormancy. But did you know that Fall has distinct planting benefits? The combination of warm soil and cool air stimulates root growth to help trees and shrubs get established before the ground freezes. So, what can you add to your landscape now to add beauty and interest for the winter months? Here are a few suggestions and tips:

What to Plant for Winter Beauty

  • Winter-blooming trees and shrubs: Of course, flowers often come to mind first when you think of adding beauty to your yard. There are still plenty of viable options that will provide you with blooms through the winter, and many are quite fragrant! Camellias, pansies, violas, and jasmine are a few great options for your Georgia winter landscape.
  • Fruit-bearing plants: Fruit plants offer a unique option for adding a pop of color to barren winter landscapes. Not only are they pretty to look at, but they’ll attract an array of birds to keep your yard active and interesting this winter, too! Holly, viburnums, nandina, and flowering dogwoods are our top picks in this category.
  • Interesting Barks: Trees and shrubs can add texture and intrigue to your landscape with more than just their leaves. Consider options like the mottled bark of a crepe myrtle or red and yellow twig dogwoods.
  • Evergreens: You can’t forget evergreens when it comes to cool season landscaping. They’ll provide you with a deep green foliage to enhance your Atlanta yard year-round. And remember, there are evergreen options with tones of blues and yellows as well as variegated options.

Tips for Planting

  • Make sure to space your plants properly to provide ample room to grow. Follow recommendations on the plants you select.
  • Each hole should be twice as wide as the plant’s root base and the right depth for the roots to thrive. Too deep and you risk depriving your plant of oxygen; too shallow and your root ball won’t be stabilized. Follow packaging directions for best results.
  • Moisten the soil before planting to help limit shock to the roots.
  • Spread a layer of mulch around the tree or shrub but keep it away from the base. Mulch will help to stabilize the soil temperature and maintain moisture levels.
  • Fall is also a great time to transplant, so if you have some plants that aren’t doing well and might flourish in a new location, consider moving them now.

Adding color and texture to your winter landscape is a great investment in your Atlanta lawn care and will undoubtedly up your curb appeal even in the starkest months.

Photo Source: https://garden.org/plants/group/viburnums/