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Are There Health Benefits to Living in a Greener Area?

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While some households have begun adopting rock gardens and synthetic turf to decrease their lawn maintenance, it may not be the best long term choice. If wellness is a priority for your family, then having a natural, green environment is extremely beneficial. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide premium quality lawn care for clients in Atlanta, Georgia and nearby metro area neighborhoods. Our experts enjoy helping nearby property owners improve the beauty and vitality of their lawn and gardens, and we want you to have the same great results. Are you wondering if you should grow more grass, shrubs and ornamental trees? Here are a few reasons why a lush lawn can help your loved ones stay healthy.

Reduces Air Pollution in Urban Areas
Plants have an incredible ability to improve the quality of air in urban environments. They release oxygen, absorb pollutants through their leaves and root-soil system and consume excess carbon dioxide. For this reason, many choose to improve the condition of their indoor living space by introducing live plants. However, the same concept is true for outdoor spaces as well. A lively lawn with abundant grass, pretty flowers, ornamental trees and shrubs can also offer the same benefits for those who want to create their own private oasis in the heart of the city.

Encourages Outdoor Physical Activities
Homeowners with a lot of plants, shrubs and ornamental trees are likely to spend more time enjoying the outdoors. Being outside is essential to good health and having a beautiful landscape to enjoy significantly increases the chances that your family will want to spend more time gardening, hosting gatherings in the backyard and playing games on the lawn.

Improves Cardiovascular Function
Having better quality air not only reduces exposure to contaminants, it can also improve cardiovascular function thanks to an increase in available oxygen. Continued outdoor activities can also contribute to improvements in cardiovascular health since higher amounts of exercise introduces more oxygen to the bloodstream.

Provides Shade During Hot Summers
While being outside in the sunlight can increase vitamin D production, excessive exposure to direct UV rays can lead to several different health issues. Having well cared for shade trees can provide an escape from the heat of the sun when you and your loved ones are enjoying the outdoors. In contrast, those with few trees and plants may lack the appropriate amount of shade needed to keep guests and family safe while swimming, playing or dining outside.

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