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Festive Holiday Outdoor Decor Ideas

Tis’ the season to adorn your home for the holidays.  Holiday décor featured on television and in magazines look like people spent a fortune, but with a very small budget and these tips, you can make your holiday decorations look like a million bucks.

  1. Dress your Door. Start decorating at your front door. Instead of one wreath, double down on decorations and hang two decorations on the front door with fishing line. Hanging the wreaths vertically fills the space on the door and adds a fun twist to holiday decorations.
  2. Add Outdoor Trees. Place two mini evergreen trees on your front porch or at the base of the steps. Tie festive ribbons around the pots and stuff with excess foliage.
  3. Wipe your feet. One of the easiest ways to spread holiday cheer is with a festive doormat. Doormats are an inexpensive tool to add a pop of color while welcoming your guests.
  4. Adorn the Windows. Dress up the outside view from the inside by hanging a wreath, window cling snowflakes or garlands inside windows. Garlands, wreaths, and window clings are available at most major retailers.
  5. Mood lighting. A few strings of lights bring the outdoors to life during the holiday season. Hang lighted garland in the entryway or add plug-in candle lanterns to windows. Net lights are easy solutions for decorating shrubs and trees. Seal connections and loose ends of the lights with duct tape or electrical tape to keep moisture out. Moisture leaking into the connections causes blown fuses. Laser lights which project light images onto the home are popular this year. Some of these light kits automatically turn off when the sun is shining.
  6. Pinecones. If you have a few pine trees on your property, collect as many pinecones as you can for decorations; they are favorite decorations this time of year. Spray paint pinecones and place in a basket with a ribbon. Or tie fishing line to the buds, attach to a garland, and wrap around the porch posts.
  7. Mailbox decoration. Drape your mailbox with ribbon and garland for simple outdoor holiday décor. Tie boughs of evergreens and ribbon to the mailbox post. Or, use pinecones to create a swag on top of the mailbox. Use floral wire or fishing line to secure the decorations.