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Five Tips for Aeration and Overseeding Aftercare

Summer has come to a close, and it’s time to aerate and overseed cool season turf, like Fescue, in order to fill in the spots on your lawn that couldn’t take the summer heat. We’ll happily handle the aerating and overseeding of your yard as one of our Atlanta lawn care services, but it will take a little TLC from you as the homeowner to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Here are our top tips for caring for your lawn after aeration and overseeding:

#1: Keep the seed moist.

Begin watering right after you receive your service and continue watering once or twice a day until your grass reaches mowing height. Don’t overwater and let the water puddle, but be sure to cover your entire seeded area and keep it moist for 21 days. At that point, you will see grass sprouting from the aeration holes and can continue your regular watering schedule, ensuring at least an inch of water weekly if we aren’t getting that in rainfall.

#2: Limit traffic on seeded areas.

Do your best to keep foot traffic to a minimum, and that includes your pets! Staying off your grass as much as possible for the first few weeks will give it a better chance of germinating and sprouting.

#3: Remove fallen leaves.

Don’t allow leaves to sit on your newly seeded lawn for long. We suggest blowing them off at the lowest possible air flow, as raking them may rip up the new seedlings.

#4: Hold off on mowing.

Don’t mow your lawn until the grass is approximately 4 ½” – 5” tall. Make sure the mower blade is sharp for a clean cut that will not rip up the new seedlings. As always, remove only one-third of the blade height each time you mow.

#5: Avoid weed control.

The best way to keep weeds at bay is to grow lush, dense turf. While you may notice a few weeds sprouting in the thin areas that were seeded, resist the urge to apply weed control until you’ve mowed your new grass several times. Otherwise, you risk preventing your new seeding from germinating properly, which may result in poor growth.

Aeration and overseeding are key components of your Atlanta lawn care regimen and the first steps toward rejuvenating your cool season turf. Following these five tips after your service will have your lawn looking better than ever.


Photo Credit: http://www.hpwd.org/cross-section-articles/