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How to Overseed Your Lawn in Georgia

Hand filled with grass seed

To ensure that your Fescue lawn flourishes throughout the winter season, it’s crucial to begin the preparation for overseeding in Atlanta. Overseeding has many benefits and can help make your lawn thicker and healthier. Read on for our guide on how to overseed your lawn.

When to Overseed

The best time to overseed is early September, offering the seedlings enough time to grow. By the time winter or dormancy period sets in, these plants are well established. This cycle must be repeated annually to attain fruitful results.

Choosing Your Seed

The next step to determine the flourishing growth of lawn is to choose the right grass variety for your lawn. Both Bermuda grass and tall Fescue are popular in the Atlanta area. To select the right grass variety for your lawn, it is necessary to have the soil quality tested. Call us to receive more information about this or to consult with a Certified Lawn Specialist.

Mowing and Aerating

Once you have chosen the seed, mow the grass to a height of just below 2 inches. This will provide the best result from overseeding. The grass catcher can be used while mowing, so that the excess clipping is taken up. During the overseeding Atlanta process, it is essential to aerate the lawn completely before seeding. In this way, the seed as well as the water will get tapped into the top soil. However, when it comes to application of new seeds, two major factors must be considered namely how much water is needed and what method is used to spread the seed.

Determine the Amount of Seed

If you have a 500 square foot lawn, you can use 1 to 2 pounds of seeds spread evenly across the yard. Likewise, for a 1000 square foot front or backyard lawn you can use 3 to 4 pounds of tall fescue seed. Ensure that you are not using too much seed as it will lead to over clustering of grass. You must remember that each seed will develop into a clump grass.

Rotary Seeding vs. Hand Spreading

Two methods are used for overseeding in Atlanta application – rotary seed spreader and hand spreading. Most of the people opt for rotary seed spreader since it gives the lawn owner a better control in spreading the seeds evenly across the lawn. If you are opting for the simple hand tossed method, be ready to acquire a lawn that does not have an even flowing look.

Aftercare Tips

Specialists recommend spraying a light dose of fertilizer and water once the seeds are spread. The lawn must be watered up to four times daily. Light watering is indeed the best bet when it comes to new seeds. After 5 weeks, another light dose of granular fertilizer will support the growth of seeds. You must make use of the slow release nitrogen fertilizers when dealing with fresh seeds. Thus, finally, when the new seedling grows more than 3 inches, it is time to mow the lawn down to 3 inches.

Calling in the Pros

Now, if you feel that this entire process will be truly a tough venture for you and you will not be able to perform it regularly, then you can contact the overseeding Atlanta experts. Our professionals’ detailed knowledge of the entire process will help develop the healthier greener lawn that you’ve always wanted. They will ensure that your lawn remains free of brown spots, pests and other undesirable agents.