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Lawn Care in Buckhead

Not all lawn services are created equal. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide (arguably) the best lawn care service in Buckhead, transforming even the most stubborn yards into a lush, green paradise all summer long. We frequently take on lawns that other lawn care companies have failed to fix—and have them green in a matter of weeks. That’s why customers keep coming back to us every year.

What Makes Arbor-Nomics Different

What do you expect from someone who works on lawns for a living? You might expect them to have a lot of knowledge about soil, pests, agronomy and lawn care. But many Buckhead lawn care services employ startlingly under-trained and under-experienced “technicians” who don’t really know the science behind lawn care. At Arbor-Nomics, every one of our staff members must undergo a rigorous one-month training period before they can qualify as a Certified Lawn Specialist (CLS). Even then, we require that each specialist also get State Pesticide Certification to ensure they use chemicals safely—a step that many companies skip.

From beginning to end, our CLSs provide you with personalized service. When you call Arbor-Nomics, we’ll give you a free lawn analysis to help determine exactly what is and isn’t working in your yard. If you don’t need a certain kind of treatment, we won’t recommend it.

North Buckhead Lawn Services

Give Your Lawn the Care It Needs

Not every lawn grows the same way. While other North Buckhead lawn care services use the same stock treatment for every yard, we offer a wide assortment of services so you get exactly what you need—and nothing you don’t need. These include:

  • Longer green season: How soon in spring do you get to start enjoying your lawn, and how does it look once autumn rolls around? Many lawns suffer at the beginning and end of the growing season, depending on the types of grass used and the soil conditions. We can overseed your lawn or aerate your soil so your lawn stays greener longer.
  • Dead spots: Does your lawn have certain patches that just won’t stay green? These patches can be a huge frustration to homeowners, but once the cause is diagnosed they’re often easy to fix. Dead spots can be caused by drainage issues, intense sunlight or fungus—and Arbor-Nomics can often solve all three.
  • Fungus treatment: If your lawn does have fungus, it’s vital to get it fixed before it spreads. Fungal disease often starts off as small “dollar spots” of brown grass but can go on to decimate the entire yard. We have the fungicide treatments and balanced fertilizer treatments to stop fungus or prevent it.
  • Pest control: Are you sick of stepping in fire ants, getting swarmed by mosquitoes, or dealing with fleas and ticks? Arbor-Nomics can handle any or all of these, including a one-year no fire ant guarantee.

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There’s a reason Arbor-Nomics has been voted “Best Pick” by Home Reports every year for 17 years—we’re the best lawn care service in Buckhead. Call today and let us give you a free lawn analysis and quote.