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Should You Make the Switch to Battery-Powered Tools?

In this day and age, almost everything that runs on gas could instead run on batteries, with the exception of planes. Why should our lawn equipment be any different? The days of gas cans and rising gas prices are over when it comes to your Atlanta lawn care routine. Move over, old mower – there’s a new tool in town, and he’s battery-powered! Battery-operated tools aren’t a new concept – they’ve been around for years – but there is no better time to make the switch than now. Here’s why:

Gas Prices Have Only One Way to Go.

Gas prices are slowly and steadily on the rise, and as supplies decline, the price per gallon is bound to go up. When making an investment in equipment, like lawn tools, it is important to factor in the costs of operating it. Charging your tools will increase your electric bill, but the amount will never come close to the cost of the gas required to do the same work.

You Have to Replace Them Anyway!

All equipment is subject to wear and tear with use over time. If your mower, hedge trimmer, weed eater, or chainsaw is four to five years old and it’s time for a replacement, why not get the battery-powered tool instead?

Batteries Are Better for the Environment.

The debate about climate change and the effects of carbon emissions on the atmosphere is ongoing. Whether you’re a believer in carbon emissions, the switch from gas-fueled tools to battery-powered will undoubtedly shrink your carbon footprint. And if you’re concerned about the effects of oil and gas extraction through fracking, making the change will reduce the use of that method. Any individual decision will have a limited impact, but over time those choices add up.

Battery Tools Last Longer Than Gas Tools.

On average, the life spans of battery-operated tools are three times as long as their gas-powered counterparts. Gas-powered tools undergo added wear and tear since they utilize combustion. In addition, a battery in decline is replaceable. A new battery will always be cheaper than a new tool.

Battery-powered lawn tools are making their way into the mainstream, and it’s easy to see why. Whether it’s for environmental reasons, cost-effectiveness, or just because you’re tired of buying gasoline, switching over to battery-operated tools is tempting. Next time you’re replacing a yard tool, consider going the battery route. In the long run, you’ll save money, save the environment, and save yourself a headache.