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Arbor-Nomics Launches One-of-a-Kind Guide to Help Homeowners Weed Out Empty Promises of a Green Lawn

ATLANTA, GA, March 22, 2016
Top 10 Lawn Care Questions
Top 10 Questions Tool

Arbor-Nomics® Turf Inc., an award-winning provider of Atlanta lawn, tree and shrub care, has launched a short guide that helps consumers make informed decisions when choosing a company to care for their property. Available on the company’s website, the guide arms consumers with 10 questions they should ask any service provider when shopping around for lawn care.

“Every lawn care company says they’ll make your lawn green and beautiful,” explained Arbor-Nomics owner Dick Bare. “But we get so many calls from competitors’ customers who are dissatisfied with their current service. They’re looking for a provider that delivers results, not just a good-sounding pitch.”

With the Arbor-Nomics guide, homeowners will learn what to look for in an Atlanta lawn care company and how to determine if they’re committed to delivering on their promises of a green lawn and healthy trees and shrubs. The 10 key questions cover service details, technician training, and evaluations and endorsements by consumer-protection organizations, such as the Better Business Bureau.

The guide also includes Arbor-Nomics’s answers to each question, making it easy to compare service providers. When it comes to tech training, for example, users will learn that all Arbor-Nomics techs – known as Certified Landscape Specialists (CLSs) – are trained extensively before they ever treat a customer’s yard and receive ongoing education once they’re in the field. The company also requires every CLS to have State Pesticide Certification to ensure safe, effective pesticide application. Anyone shopping around for Atlanta lawn care can use this information to see how other companies stack up.

“Our CLSs are some of the best-trained, most-knowledgeable techs around. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from other companies, and it’s the sort of information people need to know in order to find service that will really work for them.”

Dick Bare, Arbor-Nomics CEO/President

Another thing that sets Arbor-Nomics apart? The guide itself. According to the company, Arbor-Nomics is the only lawn care company that offers homeowners such a fact-based tool for assessing a provider before signing on for service.