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Arbor-Nomics Techs Become Filmmakers With New Instructional Videos

ATLANTA, GA, July 11, 2017

Award-winning Atlanta lawn care company Arbor-Nomics® Turf, Inc., has added new entries to its library of instructional videos for summer 2017. Service is the company’s defining principle, and providing information about various lawn care topics is an important aspect of that mission. One of the avenues that Arbor-Nomics uses to keep customers up to date is its selection of how-to videos.

“Our Certified Landscape Specialists do more than just provide the highest-quality Atlanta lawn care. These technicians have been trained to record great videos with their phones. While they’re out in the field, they capture images of pests and diseases that we incorporate into our video series, to help customers spot problems and keep their lawns healthy between our visits.”

Dick Bare, Arbor-Nomics CEO/President

This summer, hard-working technicians have created these new videos:

  • How to Identify and Treat Ambrosia Beetles on Crepe Myrtles
  • How to Identify and Treat Dollar Spot
  • How to Identify and Treat Entomosporium Leaf Spot
  • How to Identify and Treat Moss
  • How to Identify and Treat Powdery Mildew Fungus
  • How to Identify and Treat Zoysia Patch
  • How to Minimize Tree Saplings in Your Yard

These supplement Arbor-Nomics’ offerings about pests, such as “How to Identify and Treat Grubs” and “How to Identify and Treat Armyworms”; funguses, including “How to Identify and Treat Brown Patch” and “How to Identify and Treat Rust”; and maintenance, “Aeration and Overseeding” and “The Right and Wrong Ways to Mow Your Lawn.”

All of these videos can be viewed at https://www.arbor-nomics.com/featured-videos/. They are also accessible through eblasts and at the Arbor-Nomics YouTube page. New Atlanta lawn care videos will be added every month.