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Quick Arbor-Nomics Quiz Helps Homeowners Get Smart About Lawn Care

ATLANTA, GA, March 25, 2016
Arbor-Nomics Quiz
Lawn Quiz

Arbor-Nomics® Turf Inc., one of the leading providers of lawn, ornamental tree and shrub care for Metro Atlanta and beyond, has just launched a new, interactive quiz on its website. By answering 15 multiple-choice questions, users get to test their own Atlanta lawn care IQ and get a glimpse of the knowledgeable care Arbor-Nomics delivers to its customers.

The quick quiz covers issues that affect the health and appearance of Atlanta-area landscapes, such as the best mowing height for different grasses, common pests, and watering. Each user gets feedback on how well he or she did. Anyone who selects only a few right answers is offered a free lawn-care consultation. Those who do exceptionally well are invited to explore career opportunities with the company.

“We think homeowners who are considering lawn care services will find the quiz really helpful. It’s a quick, easy way to get an idea of what their yards need to stay healthy and looking great, and that knowledge helps them make smart decisions when choosing a lawn care company.”

Dick Bare, Arbor-Nomics CEO/President

The company, whose tagline is, “More than treatments, we apply knowledge,” invests in training, education, and certification for its field techs, who are known as Certified Landscape Specialists (CLSs). Along with delivering scheduled treatments, each CLS provides customers with tips and recommendations on proper care and information about signs to watch for that are tailored to each customer’s yard. Knowledgeably answering questions customers have about their properties is also a normal part of the service CLSs deliver.

“Anyone can spray a yard with fertilizer,” continued Bare, “but many homeowners may not realize there’s more to getting lawn care they are happy with than that. Our quiz gives them an idea about what they need to know and why our techs are so knowledgeable and well trained.”