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    The lawn care program consists of several treatments throughout the year to control weeds with pre- and post-emergent applications and fertilization that will make your lawn greener, thicker and healthier. Silver and Gold programs receive seven treatments a year.


    If you have an urgent matter, a Certified Landscape Specialist (CLS) or a Manager will visit as soon as possible, free of charge, to check out the situation and develop a plan to get your lawn back on track.


    Our program consists of several treatments throughout the year to protect ornamental trees and shrubs from insect damage and disease, make them more resistant and give them a healthier look. Silver and Gold programs receive seven treatments a year.


    Our Outdoor Pest Control treatments help to eliminate many different types of bugs and insects. We’ll spray the perimeter around your home to keep fire ants, ticks, fleas and spiders at bay


    Aeration removes plugs of soil, allowing water and air to get down to the roots. The result will be a thicker, healthier lawn. All warm-season grasses can benefit from this service.


    This treatment is recommended for Fescue lawns only and is performed between August and November. We aerate as described above, then “overseed,” laying seed down over the existing lawn to help it grow thicker.


    We use a single application of TopChoice™ by Bayer for 12-month control of fire ants. It also has a short-term effect (30 – 45 days) on fleas, ticks and crickets.


    This preventative gets applied twice during the summer months to combat army worms and grubs in your soil. Its effects last for 60 days, and it has little impact on beneficial insects you want to keep in your yard.


    Brown patch and dollar spot are common, easily identified fungal threats. We will treat your lawn with a fungicide throughout the year so these diseases don’t become a problem for you.


    The mosquito program consists of eight treatments, one applied every 30 days from March through October, to minimize the activity of mosquitoes in your yard. The treatment also includes a larvicide to keep eggs from developing into larvae.

*This service can be added a la carte to any program that does not include it.

We reserve the right to modify any of our Atlanta lawn service treatments should the weather require it.

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Tree & Shrub Care Service – Atlanta

Gnomes love lying in the lushest, greenest, most luxuriant yards. What do they love even more? Enjoying those yards under shady trees that are free of bugs and diseases. While we at Arbor-Nomics Turf protect your ornamental trees and shrubs from funguses and insects, Arbor-Nomics Tree specializes in all native Georgia trees and shrubs, and the best ways to keep them healthy. While they’re working to safeguard your native trees from the threats that target them, they’ll also keep your ornamental trees and shrubs pruned, and even remove them for you.

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