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Aeration and Overseeding Services
Is your Fescue grass thinning after a hot summer? We recommend aeration and overseeding to fill in the bare spots and thicken your lawn.

Fall Aeration and Overseeding Services

Unlike Bermuda and Zoysia, which are warm-season grasses that self-spread, Fescue is a non-spreading, cool-season grass and needs to be overseeded in the fall.

What is overseeding?

After a hot Atlanta summer, your Fescue may be thinning in places. Overseeding is the application of seeds over your existing grass to fill in bare spots and help your grass grow thicker and lusher all over. Overseeding is most effective when preceded by aeration.

What aeration does for your lawn.

  • Removes plugs of soil to allow vital water, nutrients and air to reach the roots
  • Reduces soil compaction to improve both water and fertilizer intake
  • Improves root structure
  • Increases resistance to heat and drought
  • Makes lawns thicker and more resilient

What overseeding does for your lawn.

  • Fills in bare patches.
  • Sows seeds over existing grass to create a thicker, richer lawn.

Why your Fescue lawn needs both.

Aeration prepares your lawn for overseeding by giving the seeds a safe place to germinate and maximizes your lawn’s growth potential through a stronger, deeper root structure.

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What to do next:

Call us at 770-447-6037 to schedule your aeration and overseeding service anytime from September through October – and let your Fescue lawn breathe easy this fall.