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Our Atlanta fungicide treatment is a must for any yard.
Fungal diseases in Atlanta lawns are common, especially during warm weather. Our fungicide treatment program will keep your yard fungus free.

Fungicide Treatment

Fungal diseases are common in Atlanta lawns during warm weather. Here are the most common ones, along with tips on how to spot them.

Brown patch.

These unsightly symmetrical patches range in diameter from a few inches to a few feet. When left untreated, the center area of a patch recovers over time, leaving a doughnut-shaped pattern.

Dollar spot.

Named for its silver-dollar sized spots, dollar spot can spread throughout your lawn very quickly.

Zoysia patch.

As Zoysia grass emerges from winter dormancy, Zoysia patch appears as small orange-tan patches the size of a dinner plate. They can quickly expand to 20 feet or more in diameter and require immediate treatment to prevent further damage.

Pythium blight.

During hot humid weather, these small sunken circular patches quickly spread to a foot in diameter. The blades of grass soon become matted, orange or dark gray and take on a greasy appearance. Grass blades eventually turn brown and shrivel. This disease requires urgent treatment.

How to prevent and control fungal diseases.

Let us treat your lawn with a fungicide treatment every 21 to 28 days from April through September.

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