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Atlanta Mosquito Treatment Service
Targeted treatment to keep your yard enjoyable and safe.

Mosquito Control

Gnomes don’t like mosquitoes. Neither does anybody else. These days they’re also a health concern, spreading the Zika and West Nile viruses. So, we’re offering an add-on program that targets them specifically.

Control Mosquitoes with Eight Treatments

Our Mosquito Control program consists of one application each month during their active season, from March through October.

  • Helps to control adult mosquitoes
  • Helps prevent eggs from developing
  • Safe for children and pets

If you have issues between monthly treatments, just call us and we’ll come to your property to check it out.

Tips for Combatting Mosquitoes

No treatment can completely eradicate these pests. The key is to minimize their numbers and your exposure. Along with wearing protective clothing and using repellent, make sure to limit their access to standing water, a favorite breeding ground.

  • Correct any drainage problems on your property
  • Empty drainage plates under outdoor potted plants
  • Cover rain barrels with secure screening
  • Empty your pet’s outdoor water bowl frequently
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What to do next:

Don’t tolerate mosquitoes. Call us at 770-447-6037 to discuss your mosquito treatment options.