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Atlanta Vegetation Control Service
Vegetation control in Atlanta is a challenge. Underbrush can ruin your yard. Kudzu is one of the worst culprits.

Vegetation Control Service

Thanks to Atlanta’s long growing season, kudzu can quickly take over your yard. It’s especially prolific because it propagates in two ways: through seeds and by sending out runners from nodes at its base.

You should get rid of kudzu for two reasons:

  • You can’t grow anything else where it’s growing
  • Its roots activate nitrogen, nitric oxide and isoprene that cause increased ground-level amounts of ozone gases that not only kill lawns, but also contribute to poor air quality

How to control kudzu.

Arbor-Nomics kudzu control consists of three steps:

  • Destroying all surface growth, crowns and near-surface runners
  • Mowing the remains as short as possible
  • Spraying the cut stems with an herbicide that will be absorbed into the plant’s extensive root system, killing it totally
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What to do next:

If you need to get rid of kudzu or any other underbrush, call us today at 770-447-6037 and schedule our vegetation control service.