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Six Late Summer Lawn Care and Garden Tips

With summer winding down, it’s time to start prepping your lawn for the cooler months. Even if you have warm-season grass that goes dormant in the cold weather, there are still tasks you can do beyond your lawn treatment to keep up your curb appeal year-round. Late summer is a great time to tidy up your lawn and garden and have them looking manicured for the arrival of fall. Here’s a checklist to get you started:

For Your Lawn:

  • Equipment Maintenance: Since your mower has been working hard for a while now, late summer is a great time to sharpen your mower blade and clean out the undercarriage. A dull blade will tear your grass, leaving brown ragged edges rather than a clean cut.
  • Yard Clean-Up: Summer activities can leave your Atlanta lawn looking like an amusement park with toys, chairs and other clutter taking over. Tidy up your yard by folding or stacking chairs and putting away toys and anything else that might damage your grass.
  • Watch for Grubs: Japanese beetles lay eggs in the midsummer, and now is the time of year they’ll hatch. If you notice spongy or dead areas in your lawn, grubs may be lurking beneath the surface, feeding on your grass roots. Another telltale sign of a grub infestation is clusters of birds picnicking on your lawn. If you’re concerned, let us know immediately so we can send your Certified Landscape Specialist (CLS) to determine if treatment is necessary.

For Your Garden:

  • Reinvigorate Summer Annuals: Now is your chance to cut back your faded annuals by half. Water and fertilize with liquid 20-20-20, and within a couple of weeks you’ll be able to enjoy a second bloom!
  • Plant Fall Blooming Bulbs: Colchicum, Sternbergia, and Fall Crocus are great options for bulbs to plant in the late summer in Georgia. They’ll bring welcome color in the fall when your summer annuals have faded away.
  • Feed Your Roses: Late summer is a good time to fertilize your roses. Use 1 tablespoon of 10-10-10 fertilizer for every foot of your plant’s height. This will instigate new growth, bringing fresh rose blossoms to brighten your landscape as the weather cools.

These actions, in combination with your Atlanta lawn care service, will ensure that your yard is looking its best as summer comes to a close. What’s your best advice for preparing your Atlanta lawn for cooler weather?