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Spring Thatch – The #1 Enemy

You probably think your lawn has been quietly sleeping through the winter. But the truth of the matter is that thatch has been growing underneath the surface and causing a quite a problem.

Thatch is a lawn condition that prevents proper water movement through the soil. When you get a chance, dig out a small sample of your lawn to see what we mean. If you dig several inches down, you’ll find lots of thatch, which is dead and decaying plant tissue.

Now, thatch isn’t all bad. In fact, some thatch is beneficial in that it relieves soil compaction and increases wear tolerance. But, as with anything, too much of a good thing isn’t so good. As the thatch grows and builds, it makes it hard for the soil to get the water and nutrients it so desperately needs. Soon there’s too much thatch which prevents air, light and water from reaching the turf’s root zone. Didn’t know so much was going on out in your lawn, did you? Too much thatch is a problem, but there is a solution…spring aeration.

If you associate eating breakfast with starting the day right, then think of aerating your lawn as giving it the right start for the year. Aeration, as you might know, is the process of mechanically removing small plugs of thatch and soil (about 1.5” in depth) in order to improve soil aeration. Put simply, when you aerate, you’re allowing your lawn to evenly accept water and nutrients that are vital to your lawn’s health and vigor.

In addition to breaking up the thatch, aeration has other associated benefits:

– Improved air circulation

– Improved soil-water circulation

– Reduced soil compaction

– Improved and even rooting

– Enhanced cushioning

– Reduced water pooling and puddling

SPRING AERATION essentially allows your lawn to breath and to ‘start the year off right’. After aeration, your lawn will use water more efficiently. In fact, you might notice that you’re able to go longer between waterings. This is because the surface is accepting water more evenly.

If you have any questions about aeration, give us a call.