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The Benefits of Watering

Sprinkler system in lawn.

Your lawn needs a certain amount of water to stay healthy. Fortunately, it’s not very difficult to meet this standard – the average lawn only requires about one inch of water per week. Some homeowners believe that rainfall is sufficient to sustain their lawns, and in some places that may be true. However, in a city like Atlanta where the weather is unpredictable, it is essential that you monitor the amount of moisture that your lawn is receiving. Water is crucial to everything that resides on our planet, especially plant life. Even with regular lawn treatment services, your lawn will not live up to its potential without proper watering.

Benefits of Watering Regularly

Homeowners who water their lawns on a regular basis will not find it difficult to detect signs of health. Root systems, for example, will take a firmer hold in the soil when they are regularly receiving water. Healthier grass is more resistant to disease. Its color will remain a lighter green, easily distinguishable from the grey-blue cast associated with dry grass. Moist soil is also a benefit of watering regularly. When soil receives the right amount of water, organisms like earthworms thrive, churning and enriching the soil.

How to Water a Healthy Lawn

For the best results, water thoroughly at infrequent intervals. Watering your lawn on the same day every week for the same amount of time is not the recommended course of action. The best time to water is in the early morning, when there is less evaporation from heat and wind. When you water your lawn deeply a few times a week, the water is reaching the root system, which is exactly where it needs to go. While frequent watering is the best approach, be sure not to exceed a total of one inch per week.

Don’t Overdo It

Watering your lawn may seem like a no-brainer, but there is nothing more essential to your lawn’s health than its water intake. Make sure your grass is consistently receiving the appropriate amount of water every week. If you have sprinklers, turn them on about three times a week at different intervals to keep your lawn in good health. Many diseases and soil issues can be avoided with regular watering. If you have any questions about your sprinkler system or would like help ensuring that it’s on an effective schedule, ask your Certified Landscape Specialist. We’ll be happy to assist.