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The Importance of Pre-emergent for a Weed-Free Lawn

Are weeds quickly taking over your lawn? While this is a common issue for property owners, it can still be an extremely frustrating problem to deal with, particularly for those who have put a great deal of care into their lawn maintenance and landscaping. At Arbor-Nomics, we provide premium lawn care services for local property owners in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area. You may have heard about pre-emergent treatments, but aren’t exactly sure what these treatments entail and whether they are important for your own lawn. Here is some more information about pre-emergent and how you can utilize these professional treatments to keep your stubborn weeds at bay for many years to come.

What Is a Pre-Emergent?
Pre-emergent is an herbicide that is designed to destroy weeds before they germinate. For this reason, the stage of development is crucial to the treatment process. Strategy must remain a priority when determining a treatment schedule that works for your needs. Lawn care professionals have the training and experience required to help create a program that will work perfectly for your unique grass variety.

Why Are Pre-Emergent Treatments Essential to Lawn Maintenance?
Weeds are opportunistic plants that can invade a lawn very quickly. They reproduce rapidly and take vital nutrients from nearby healthy grass and landscaping plants. Once weeds have taken over, they can be difficult to control, therefore, stopping new weeds in their tracks is essential. Pre-emergent treatments will prevent the cultivation of weeds, so that your grass can continue to remain strong and resilient against these stubborn invaders.

What Can Be Done About Existing Weeds?
It is important to keep in mind that pre-emergent can only be used for weeds that have not yet fully germinated. While this is very important, it cannot help property owners remove their existing mature weeds. If you only have a handful of weeds throughout your property, then pulling them by hand is a fast and simple option. However, this method has its faults, since it is labor intensive, and it’s easy to fail to remove the entire root. If you want to avoid hand pulling weeds, or you have a lot of existing weeds in your lawn, then you will likely need to turn to professionally applied treatments that are designed to kill the mature plant. Hiring a specialist is important for this task, since improper use of these products could result in issues with nearby grass and plants that you want to keep healthy.

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