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Your Grass and Shrubs for the Winter Season

Winter Lawn Myths

There is no time off if you want your lawn looking its best year-round. Grass and shrubs don’t exactly thrive in the winter, but there is still a lot of growing that takes place and maintenance that needs to be done. In this short article, we will go over some tips to prepare your yard for the winter. If you would like to hire specialists to support year-round lawn care, call Arbor-Nomics to learn about our lawn care packages. Our available services include, but are not limited to, fertilization, pest prevention, and weed control.

Cleanup and Maintenance

With fall in full swing, your yard is probably covered in leaves and other debris. Rake these leaves so that they do not smother grass. Pick up fallen twigs and branches to clear up the yard and reduce the chance of pest infestations. You can use these remnants as mulch and compost, but make sure not to include diseased plants in the piles, as the diseases can spread.

Next, remove dead annuals and cut back spent perennials. If you had annuals that impressed this year, collect the seeds and store them to use next year. Similarly, dig up summer bulbs after the first frost so you can use them next year.

Lawn Care

Your grass is probably not going to stop growing until soil temperatures drop below 50 or 55 degrees. Continue to mow the lawn until then to keep the lawn tidy and make raking easier. Don’t forget to trim the edges and keep your shrubs groomed.

Winter Preparation

The winter cold is coming, and fall is the time to prepare your shrubs, trees, and turf for the dropping temperatures. Add a couple of inches of mulch, making sure not to cover stems and tree trunks, as this can lead to rotting. Use paper tree wrap to protect tree trunks from frost cracking, and surround sensitive shrubs and trees with wire mesh to prevent animals from getting to foliage.
Be mindful of the weather, making sure to water plants if rain is lacking. Mulch should also be useful here as it helps preserve moisture.

Winter Planting

You want your lawn looking vibrant year-round. Fortunately, there are cool-season flowers such as pansies, mums, and even ornamental kale that can add some much-needed color to your garden during the dull winter. Fall is also the time to plant spring-blooming flowers such as daffodils and tulips.
Leave It to the Specialists
Lawn care can be a lot of work. Arbor-Nomics is happy to lend a hand. Explore our website or call Arbor-Nomics today to learn about our lawn care programs and available services. We have a host of services to keep your lawn looking fresh throughout the year.