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Why All Atlanta Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care Services Are Not Alike

Garden gnomes love beautiful green lawns and gardens. That’s why they love Arbor-Nomics. If you’re unhappy with your current Atlanta lawn care service or are seeking lawn care services for the first time, please give Arbor-Nomics a try. Once you do, we think you’ll agree with the gnomes.

When you entrust your Atlanta lawn care to us, you’ll have the attention of your very own Certified Landscape Specialist, who can provide you with a full range of service options using only the highest quality materials. The result will be a lawn and garden that are weed free, low on pesky bugs, and healthy, green and beautiful. The gnomes will notice the difference, and so will you!

Choosing an Atlanta Lawn Care Service That’s Right for You

Every summer, we hear from homeowners who have tried other Atlanta lawn care services and have not been happy with the results. With so many to choose from, how do you know which one can provide the quality results for your landscape?

Unfortunately, many so-called lawn care professionals are just a guy with a truck and a tank of chemicals. Many of the larger companies, though they may have a licensed specialist on staff, give their technicians only two or three days of training before sending them out to learn by trial and error – on your property.

Inexperienced workers can cause severe lawn damage. They may overuse fertilizers or pesticides or choose the wrong one for the job. They might misdiagnose your problem entirely and shock your grass with fertilizer when the real problem is too much shade or the need for soil aeration.

Perhaps the biggest harm these untrained lawn care technicians do is to customers' trust. With little real knowledge of agronomy, they make over-the-top promises that they can't fulfill. Frequently, our customers tell us they didn't believe any lawn treatment could save their yard – until they tried us. That's because at Arbor-Nomics, we take a different approach.

What We Do Differently

We've made a commitment to outperform at every level and do three very important things differently:

  • Training and dedication [READ MORE]:
  • State certification [READ MORE]:
  • Realistic lawn, tree and shrub analyses [READ MORE]:

Gnomes appreciate the difference – and so will you.

Special Problems, Special Services

Our lawn care services go far beyond simply making the grass grow. We also offer:

  • Outdoor Pest Control [READ MORE]:
  • Fungicide Treatment [READ MORE]:
  • Tree and Shrub Insect Control [READ MORE]:
  • Soil Aeration and Overseeding [READ MORE]:

Why Trust Your Lawn Care to Anyone But No. 1?

At Arbor-Nomics, we don't have to brag. The reviews from our customers speak for themselves. We are the No. 1-rated lawn care company in Atlanta, taking Home Reports' "Best Pick" for 16 years running. Angie's List and agree. We take our work seriously.
There is no better company in Atlanta for taking care of lawns. Over 17 years, I have used at least six different firms — seven if I count myself. None of us could hold a candle to the service you provide. My grass has never been so thick and free of weeds.

Get a Free Customized Lawn Care Analysis.

Don't wait until late in the season. Call Arbor-Nomics today. We can inspect and analyze your lawn, recommend the steps best for your particular lawn and give you a quote for your customized treatment — at absolutely no charge to you.

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