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Atlanta lawn aeration service.
After winter, our Atlanta spring aeration service is an essential part of spring lawn care.

Spring Aeration Service

Like all living things, your lawn needs to breathe. But after hard winter frosts, compounded by dense Georgia clay, it doesn’t get the breathing space it needs for air, water and nutrients to reach its roots. That’s why gnomes recommend Arbor-Nomics aeration service as an essential part of your spring lawn care.

Which lawns benefit most from aeration?

For the best results in Atlanta lawn care, gnomes consider aeration essential to the health of Bermuda and Zoysia lawns, but it’s beneficial to other grasses as well. After all, what lawn wouldn’t benefit from getting the water, nutrients and air it needs to thrive?

What aeration does for your lawn.

  • Removes plugs of soil to allow vital water, nutrients and air to reach the roots
  • Reduces soil compaction to improve both water and fertilizer intake
  • Improves root structure
  • Increases resistance to heat and drought
  • Makes lawns thicker and more resilient
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What to do next:

We provide spring aeration until June. Give your lawn a head start by calling us at 770-447-6037 to schedule your aeration service.