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Atlanta Fire Ant Control and Treatment
Issues with fire ants in Atlanta? Fire ants can be very dangerous, and controlling them yourself is difficult at best. Our fire ant control service can rid them for 12 months!

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants come in many different sizes and varieties. Many of them are dangerous. The worst of the worst live in large mounds, and a swarming colony of them can kill a full-grown adult. Fire ant control is difficult.

Unfortunately, you can’t always recognize the bad guys because most varieties look similar and often live in the same underground dens. Established fire ant colonies of any kind are nearly impossible to handle safely without a professional. Please contact us immediately if you discover a large fire ant mound on your property.

The smaller species of fire ants are less dangerous, so you might think you can handle them with pesticides from the store. However, without professional help, you run the risk of poisoning the soil and killing your lawn, as well as the ants. Though nothing gets rid of fire ants forever, we can rid you of the problem for at least 12 months with a fire ant control treatment of TopChoice™ by Bayer.

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