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Atlanta Outdoor Pest Control Service
Our climate makes Atlanta an insect paradise. Fight back with our Outdoor Pest Control service.

Outdoor Pest Control

In the warm weather, Atlanta is an insect paradise. The only solution is constant vigilance. While we have specific treatments for fleas, ticks and ants, our Outdoor Pest Control service takes care of those and many other types of bugs and insects.

How we control pests in your lawn.

We’ll spray a barrier around your house to keep ants, ticks, fleas and spiders at bay. We’ll also spray other areas in your yard where pests tend to breed, such as mulched areas, at the base of shrubs and on ground cover.

Don’t forget your trees and shrubs.

Trees and shrubs in Atlanta are susceptible to a variety of insects and diseases like aphids, spider mites, lace bugs and leaf spot. Any of these could severely damage or even kill your favorite trees and shrubs. Start your tree and shrub service now and avoid problems later.

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What to do next:

Fight back. Call us today to schedule our Outdoor Pest Control service at 770-447-6037.