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Grub and Armyworm Prevention
Once you see armyworms or grubs, it’s too late. Our armyworm and grub prevention service will stop them dead in their tracks.

Armyworm & Grub Prevention

We recommend stopping them before they start. Here’s what to look for:


These caterpillar-like pests cause radly growing brown patches that can damage Bermuda lawns in a matter of days. The sudden appearance of a flock of feasting birds is a sign you may have armyworms.


If you had grubs last year, you have an 80% chance of having them again. They may be lurking in your soil right now, but you won’t see them until they’ve damaged your lawn.

Get them before they get you.

During the summer, we’ll apply two preventatives. Each application has a 60-day residual effect. The June treatment helps prevent armyworms. The August treatment helps prevent grubs. Both treatments can be applied to all lawn types and have little impact on beneficial insects such as earthworms.

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What to do next:

Don’t let them get started. Call us today for army worm and grub prevention service at 770-447-6037.