Six Lawn Myths Busted

Sometimes it’s hard to detect fact from fiction when it comes to your Atlanta lawn care regimen. To help alleviate some confusion, we’ve exposed six common lawn myths to help you learn what is truly best for your lawn to… Read More »

Planting Summer Annuals

Annuals offer a great way to brighten up your landscape thanks to their versatility and diversity. Whether you’re looking for color and texture for your flowerbeds, window boxes, hanging baskets, walkway borders, or pots, there’s a summer annual that will… Read More »

Give Your Mulch a Facelift

Are you looking to spruce up your Atlanta lawn this spring? A fresh layer of mulch can do wonders for your curb appeal, but that’s not all it offers. Laying mulch provides a variety of benefits to your plants as… Read More »

Five Flowering Herbs for Your Garden

Flowering herbs can help add a burst of color to your landscaping, but they offer far more than that! Many herbs can be used to give robust flavor to your favorite dish and some flowering herbs are even used to… Read More »

Pruning Trees and Shrubs for Spring

Homeowners often avoid pruning because of the fear of butchering their beloved trees and shrubs. However, pruning isn’t difficult and the reward is thicker foliage, more flowers and healthier plants. Roses, hydrangeas, vines, shrubs and summer-flowering trees (like magnolias, crepe… Read More »

Winter Lawn Care

Cold, winter months give homeowners a welcome reprieve from weekly yard maintenance. While you’re warm and cozy inside, don’t forget about taking care of your yard this winter. Following these simple steps will protect your lawn and landscape during the… Read More »

Festive Holiday Outdoor Decor Ideas

Tis’ the season to adorn your home for the holidays.  Holiday décor featured on television and in magazines look like people spent a fortune, but with a very small budget and these tips, you can make your holiday decorations look… Read More »

Winterize Your Sprinkler System

The aftermath of frequent visits from Jack Frost can be devastating to your lawn. Most likely, your yard will bounce back in the spring even if you didn’t prepare. But if you have a sprinkler system, the pipes could burst,… Read More »

Why Leaves Change Color

Though warm temps and drought has delayed a true fall atmosphere, we are now seeing leaves changing all over Georgia.  But why do they change colors? Plants pull water into their roots and take carbon dioxide from the air. The… Read More »

Identifying and Treating Rust

Warm and cool season turf grasses are vulnerable to many diseases, including rust. Rust is a fungal disease which usually occurs in late summer or early fall. Rust thrives in temperatures between 65 °F and 85 °F – when the… Read More »