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Fescue Grass


  • Weed-Resistant: Fescue naturally grows in tight clumps. If it’s positioned correctly and well-cared for, those clumps form a barrier against less desirable plants.
  • Durable: With proper maintenance, including yearly aeration and overseeding, Fescue can stand up to kids, pets, and more. Once it gets established, it grows well in shady areas and winter weather.
  • Attractive: Fescue grasses offer a beautiful lawn that’s shade-tolerant, requires little input, and thrives further south than its cool-season counterparts.
  • Tough: This grass can grow even in compacted soil where other plants can’t. If you’re filling in bare spots or doing new landscaping in an inhospitable area, it’s an excellent choice.


Arbor-Nomics treats Fescue yards within our current lawn care programs. The treatments are designed to make your lawn healthy and green.

Application #1: A pre-emergent to prevent most grassy weeds (including crabgrass) from showing up in spring and a weed control to take care of the broadleaf weeds that have germinated. Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer will be applied to help minimize surge growth, reducing the spread of fungus in the spring and summer.

Application #2: A second application of pre-emergent and broadleaf weed control. The pre-emergent blocks the development of crabgrass and many other kinds of grassy weeds, and the broadleaf weed control will cause those weeds to yellow and die. Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer will be applied to help roots grow stronger and thicker while controlling surge growth and the spread of funguses in the spring and summer.

Application #3: Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer to nourish turf until our next visit, plus weed control to minimize broadleaf weeds and keep your lawn looking its best.

Application #4: Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer, which will provide nutrition to the grass until our next visit, plus weed control broadleaf weeds.

NOTE: In July and August, brown patch fungus causes havoc on FESCUE lawns. If you see brown circular patches, call our office to schedule an inspection and get a quote for a fungicide application.

Application #5: A granular starter fertilizer high in phosphorus to enhance the results of fall aeration and overseeding.

NOTE: Fescue should be overseeded in September or October. Call us to ask about aeration and overseeding.

Application #6: Granular fertilizer to feed the grass through the growing season. If your Fescue has also been overseeded, the fertilizer will enhance new seed growth.

Application #7: Arbor-Nomics’ Special Blend Fertilizer, which supports both mature grass and the new growth from fall aeration and overseeding, plus calcium and magnesium to help maintain optimal soil pH. Weed control as needed.

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