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Lawn Care in Brookhaven

A lush, green lawn is a thing of beauty. But getting that perfect lawn takes a lot of work, and sometimes homeowners have trouble spots that no amount of attention seems to fix. So, Arbor-Nomics offers professional Brookhaven lawn care services to keep your grass looking great and take the yard work off your plate.

The Arbor-Nomics Difference

The secret to Arbor-Nomics’ success is our staff, who have the best training in the business. Many lawn care services will take a new employee and give them just a week of training before turning them loose on your lawn to learn by trial and error. At Arbor-Nomics, our Certified Lawn Specialists (CLSs) go through a minimum of one month of training with experienced staff members. They learn the many different problems that a lawn can face and how to solve each one. We also make sure they receive their State Pesticide Certification before we let them handle chemicals on their own.

When our CLS first comes to your house, you will receive a 100 percent free lawn analysis. We’ll identify the causes of any problems in your yard and recommend the right treatments for your landscape. If a certain treatment isn’t needed, we won’t recommend it—and if a problem can’t be solved by lawn care, such as a terrain or watershed issue, we will tell you that.

At Arbor-Nomics, we give each customer their own CLS who will work on your property week after week, communicating with you at every step. This personalized service is why so many of our Brookhaven lawn care service clients stay with us for life.

Brookhaven Lawn Services

Your Lawn Is Unique

Arbor-Nomics customizes lawn care to your landscape’s exact needs. We offer a menu of specialized services to help solve your lawn’s recurring problems—and prevent new ones from popping up. These services include:

  • Solving dead spots: Patches of dead brown grass can be caused by many things, from fungal infections to fertilizer issues to matters of sunlight, shade and drainage. When you have dead spots, we analyze the cause before we recommend any treatment.
  • Anti-fungus: Brookhaven lawns may suffer from several common fungi. An infection from any of these fungal diseases can spread quickly from small dead spots to an entire patchy, dying lawn. We can determine which fungus, if any, is afflicting your yard and nurse your lawn back to health.
  • Pest eviction: Georgia is host to a number of lawn pests from dreaded fire ants to spiders, fleas, and ticks. Landscaping also hides breeding areas for mosquitoes, the most hated summer insect. We offer general-purpose pesticide treatments or targeted treatments to get rid of the pest you see the most.
  • Tree and shrub protection: Your trees and shrubs are the most irreplaceable part of your lawn. Blights, pests, and diseases can ruin this investment in a single season. Arbor-Nomics offers preventative treatments to help keep your trees safe.

Get Your Free Lawn Analysis

When we say we’re the best lawn care service in Brookhaven, you don’t have to take our word for it. We’ve been voted Best Pick by Home Reports for 17 years. Call today and we’ll give you a complete lawn analysis for free.