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The Four Most Popular Landscaping Trends for 2019

Archway covered in blooms in lawn.

We love using our outdoor spaces more often now that the temperatures have warmed up, and this year’s outdoor and landscaping trends have us excited about summer’s approach. If you’re looking to integrate this year’s trends into your space, we’ve rounded up a few of the most popular for your southern lawn.

  • Create outdoor “rooms.” A major trend in landscaping this year is to make your outdoor space feel like a “staycation.” Some designers suggest creating divisions or “walls” in your outdoor space so that it feels like a private garden. To do this, add trellises with vining plants, add a stack of stones, or use hedges or shrubs. Integrate ample comfortable seating and a fountain or fire feature to create a room you can enjoy outdoors. Add some weather-safe speakers and you’ll be set to enjoy your space all summer long.
  • Add statement lighting.  Ambient lighting is a big outdoor trend this season. To create major impact, add lighting under your larger trees. This creates a beautiful up-lit effect that will make your trees look like statement pieces in the evenings. If your space doesn’t have large trees, add lighting to your garden or an area that you’d like to feature, such as near a swing or hammock or a beautiful ornamental tree.
  • Integrate coral and pink. This year is bringing back bright colors in landscaping trends — especially pink. Pantone’s color of the year is called “Living Coral,” and pops of this color have been showing up in many gardens.  Shrubs like azaleas and hydrangeas are happy in Atlanta lawns and offer bright pink varieties for you to enjoy. As a bonus, hummingbirds and butterflies also love these colors and are likely to visit them in your garden.
  • Add plants you can eat. While planting herbs this year isn’t necessarily trendy, the way to plant them is. A contemporary take on planting herbs is to plant them in a vertical container that hangs along a wall. This makes a great statement piece in your garden or porch, and it’s nice to have fresh herbs on hand. Fruit trees are also quite popular this year. Varieties like citrus trees, strawberry bushes, and pineapple plants are fun and delicious additions to your garden.

Get the most of your outdoor space by making sure it feels like an oasis for you and your family. By keeping your lawn healthy and thriving, your space will be perfect for the seasons ahead. Though these ideas are trendy this year, we predict they’ll stick around a while. After all, beautiful lighting and colorful gardens never go out of style.