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Five Flowering Herbs for Your Garden

Flowering herbs can help add a burst of color to your landscaping, but they offer far more than that! Many herbs can be used to give robust flavor to your favorite dish and some flowering herbs are even used to treat health issues. To top it off, certain flowering herbs attract beneficial insects, butterflies, and hummingbirds to your garden. Here are a few plants guaranteed to bring your garden to life.

Feverfew: Feverfew bears a striking resemblance to daisies in its flowering stage. This herb blooms from summer to early fall and is very easy to grow. By delicately pinching off the old flowers, you can extend the blooming season. Growers are encouraged to trim the plant to the ground after bloom to encourage new growth.  Feverfew has been used to treat arthritis, digestive issues, and headaches.

Anise Hyssop: This herb’s bright purple flowers bloom from June to September. Anise Hyssop is a perennial plant which can grow up to 4 feet tall. Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to its flowers. The leaves are used for potpourri, tea, or sprinkled in a salad.

Bee Balm:  These summer flowers are a variety of colors, including red, white, purple, or pink blooms. Bee Balm likes sunlight and well-drained soil. Its flowers attract hummingbirds and insects that naturally control garden pests.

Mint: Chocolate, Mojito, Lemon, Pear, and Ginger are five popular varieties of mint. While easy to grow if planted in a sunny, moist location, mint can rapidly overwhelm your garden. Be cautious, as mint is also susceptible to whiteflies and aphids. Leaves can be harvested any time, dried, and placed in an airtight container for future use in foods or home remedies.

Lavender: Lavender is a beautiful addition to a garden. Its purple-blue flowers grow on tall stalks. Lavender needs full sunlight, gravelly soil, and good drainage to remain healthy. Consider placing the herb around the border of the garden or grow in a container. Dried lavender is used in oils, tea, and baked goods.

Herbs are a fantastic addition to your indoor or outdoor garden. While leafy, green varieties are popular, why not add a pop of color to your yard? The lovely foliage and bright blossoms will give life to your Atlanta lawn while providing you many other benefits as well.

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